AW-DCMM-VH-500 + (AW-PVH01)

Stok Kodu:AW.

Usage Area:
AW-DCMM-VH-500 + (AW-PVH01) is especially designed as MIG/MAG welding machine with air-cooled for welding high thickness materials. This machine is also used for  bonding materials at the various thickness. It enables high 
performance for bonding materials with SG2 and other wires.

Applications :
- It is suitable for all manufacturing sectors. It is designed for using in heavy 
industry especially. Thanks to Vario, it has wider working area. It has 4 meters standart cable pack. Optionally cable packs can be prepared.
- Vario is produced two different ways as metal sheet and plastic. 
- It can be used in production of trailer, vehicle body, crane, steel roof, etc.
-It enables high performances for welding of medium and high thickness 
metal sheets.

Main Features:
-Machine is produced according to requirements of welder and in case of need new programmes can be added. For example; Wire starting time, gas starting time, wire motor speed increase, wire motor speed decrease, usage of last gas in torch head.
- It provides energy saving by taking itself to sleep mode, when it is not in use. 
- Main Voltage is designed according to 3 Phases, 380 V / 50-60 Hz
- SG2 and other wires can be used.
- Wire Feeder Unit is suitable for diameters of 1,0 mm -1,6 mm wires. 
- 4x4 Spool wire feeder unit is used to feed the mild wire constantly and at the same time to prevent deformation on the wire types which will use. 
- There is 24W plug for usage of carbone dioxide(CO2) gas heater. With this way it protects the user against electric shock in case of any fault status.
- During the wire changing, it minimizes usage of gas thanks to feature of wire driving without gas. 
- It has four wheels and back wheels have shaft, so it prevents to rollover. 
- The welding machine has been taking under protection against warming up by means of a cooling fan to prevent the regime loss during the operation. 
- Machine has digital display of voltmeter, ampere meter. Welding can be 
followed on the screen.
- Current range is formed thanks to coarse adjustment as 3 phases and fine 
adjustment as 10 phases. It provides a wide current and precise controlling 
- Machine is designed to minimize burr formation and weld splatter. 
- There are two different buttons as manuel and automatic. 
- Transformers and smoothing coils in the machine are manufactured from cooper and siliceous metal sheet to prevent regime